Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Polywater was once thought to be a new form of water consisting of long chains or rings. Russian scientist Nikolai Fedyakin believed that he had created this because one of his experiments yielded a thick, syrup like substance made of only water. Later, Boris Deryagin came along and was able to produce the same results, but only in small quantities, the same as Fedyakin. He claimed that it was so stable that it's boiling temperature was around 1000 degrees  Fahrenheit and it's freezing point around -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Rumors eventually spread that this new water, if released into the outside world, could turn other water into polywater and ruin the planet. 
Polywater was eventually disproved because it turns out that the capillaries in which the water had "polymerized" had been contaminated. The polywater was just tiny particles.,9171,944149,00.html

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